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Canon: Vampire: The Masquerade
Name: Elenora Katharina Sophie von Meding
Age: looks 10 ; actually roughly 70
Race: Vampire

Clan: Lasombra (antitribu)
Generation: 8th
Based in: greater Munich area
Sect: Camarilla
Nature/Demeanour: Director/Scientist
Concept: Elenora was ghouled by her later sire together with her parents, who were the groundskeepers of his haven - displaced refugees of the 1930/40ies that finally ended up at the southern end of the the Pyrenees. She was the only ghoul of Martínez who survived a Sabbat attack decades later. Her actions during this event were the final decisive factor, and not long after they had relocated to Munich, where her domitor had connections, he embraced her. It's been a few years, and as Gehenna (Nightshade scenario) begins, she has two ghouls that pose as her parents and her own household.

Other notes of interest:
- has no reflection, no matter what the reflective surface is
- usually dressed neatly, bordering too neatly for a given situation - she perpetually looks like she's about to give a piano recital
- her disciplines are Obtenebration (3), Potence (2), Dominate (3) and Obfuscate (2)


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Elenora Katharina Sophie von Meding